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Tchabet Y. Serge

Tchabet Y. Serge

Senior Web Designer

Mr. Tchabet is a highly regarded designer whose process-driven approach to developing rich
customer experiences helps our clients get into market faster and more effectively. For 5
years, he has applied his training in the areas of corporate identity, branding, and design for
such notable clients in a variety of verticals.
Tchabet is committed to simplicity and passionate about crafting clear, engaging, effective
communications. His dedication to design excellence—reducing complex, meaningful
ideas to their visual essence—is accompanied by expert knowledge of color theory and the simplicity of Artisan graphic
design and typography influences.

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  • Senior Designer

    Pablo Fashion is a fashion online shop that was established in 2017. It all started when Pablo realized that there was a lack of easily accessible online shops for people who wanted to find fashionable clothes without having to spend hours scrolling through different websites.

  • Lead Designer
    B-A 2023

    Bryan is an artist with an extra ordinary talent.
    His digital potraits are so beautiful you can be forgiven for saying it’s more beautiful than the original picture of the person.

  • Senior Developer
    NBH 2023

    Nobzy Beauty Haven products are designed to instantly transform your looks, optimize skin tone and texture so that it is already at its best. Not to talk about their Make-Up.