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Bryan is an artist with an extra ordinary talent.

His digital potraits are so beautiful you can be forgiven for saying it’s more beautiful than the original picture of the person.
But Bryan does so much more than that. Using a pencil, he captures the likeness and beauty of the human face with so much accuracy that makes you not doubt its resemblance to the original photo. Bryan is also very talented in science. Being a graduate from the University of Buea with a BSc in electrical engineering, he built an actual drawing machine capable of using ball point pens to draw faces, logos and it is also capable of writing.
Since the age of 9, Bryan has loved drawing and coloring, but until the age of 16 did it come as a realization he could take arts more seriously and make a career out of it. After years of practice and techniques now he has mastery of digital drawings, Pencil drawings and computer knowledge of how robots can draw physical drawings when programmed and build adequately. drana moss pulvinar laoreet.

Client: Agbor Bryan

Category: Web Design

Start date: 10 Jan 2023

Finish date: 12 Jan 2023




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